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Care for Grandparents Month

June is care for Grandparents month.  We all know, here at 8Billionminds, how great learning is for you and the incredible potential for the accessibility of learning through the internet.   The question is, how can we bring online learning to the older generation, who do not yet have it? 

How many people who are already in your life, do not have access to online learning?  Why is this?  Answering these questions will not only allow you to help them, but also reach out to others in the community, as there will no doubt be others with similar issues.  

1) Adapt: Consider, where do people go normally and what activities do they normally engage in? If your usual time is spent having a meal with an elderly relative, why not explore finding a new recipe using the internet.  It is a simple thing to research and it has longevity.  You may get the recipe out again in the future.

2) Connect: In the current crisis, many elderly people are isolated and are missing their friends.  Linking them up to a zoom meeting will not only combat loneliness but generate the potential for them to meet new people and join new groups which normally would have been out of geographical reach.

This includes the public programming of museums and galleries.  Rather than being limited to local events, you can participate in workshops run by a library in New York, for example.

3) Practicalities: Logistics such as using touch screens and health problems need to be taken into account.  Organising a suitable chair and a magnified screen may be necessary.  

The most important thing to remember is to listen.  Learning is a two way thing.  Just having a conversation,  listening and sharing is a great way to learn.  So when you next make contact share something you have learnt and start a new dialogue.  


Anna-Maria Amato