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About us

Our Mission

We are a global community who love face-to-face learning as we know it is the best way to learn. It inspires, directs, saves time, increases retention, and brings back the fun to learning. By connecting people around the world to share, learn and teach each other, we will improve global education and exchange our ideas, empathy and understanding of the world with each other. Every person has something to share, and with 8BM the finest learning is available to everyone, everywhere for free.

Our team

8BM is entirely made up of volunteers from around the world.
We work tirelessly together to bring you this new way to connect.
Let us know if you would like to join or support us!

Sam Founder & Lead Organiser Traveller & creator
Vicky Graphics Designer
Mario S Back-end Developer Dog, morning person, likes learning
Lydia Marketing/ Social Media Learning French (slowly), passion for pasta dishes
Anna-Maria Marketing Artist-Curator-Writer-Sometimes Composer-General Creator
Georgina Marketing Pug and cheese lover, constantely stained blue
Nika Animator/Illustrator
Jelena Front-end Developer
Mario O Back-end Developer
Endre Back-end Developer Gamer, dog dad
Mike Back-end Developer Traveler, nerd, dancer, loves mojitos
Saint-clair Front-end Developer I am super friendly and a good advisor as many friends of mine testify
Hannah Community Builder Enthusiastic, Pink gin lover, who loves sunsets!
Peter Front-end Developer Life-long learner. Passionate about new things.
Emma Marketing and social media
Hardeep Marketing and social media Friendly, Humble, open minded, Learner, Petrol head
Serdar Front-end Developer Friendly, compassionate, open to improvement
Eisha Back-end Developer Learner, space enthusiast, english literature lover
Melinda Back-end Developer puzzle, coding, nature, science
Vikram Back-end Developer Quora-addict, tennis enthusiast, morning person
Cory Front-end Developer Games, Politics, History, Philosophy
Elvis Front-end Developer Gamer, traveller, foodie, Geek
Nelson Back-end Developer Tennis fan, traveler, thai food lover.
Saj Product Manager Coffee-lover, dog-dad (40-kilo golden retriever), football-fanatic, avid reader
Vix Community Builder Gym-goer, music-maker, bread baker, and Techno enthusiast
Nicole Full-stack Developer
Will Front-end Designer Coffee-drinker, Adventurer, All Might's successor.
Lizzie Front-end Developer
Kiru Back-end Developer Chirpy Foodie, avid reader, cooking amateur
Izabela Community Builder Travel, languages and tacos.
Kenneth Full-stack Developer Musician, photographer, tech enthusiast, developer
Alice Community Builder Big on all things Spanish, running & sustainable living!
Lianna Front-end Developer Gaming, movies, music and cat lady
Gobi Front-end Developer I enjoy working out, playing video games, fishing and love tech.
Adam Front-end Developer Music, languages, martial arts, foodie, reading, cat/lizard dad
Matt Front-end Developer Coding, Video Games, Board Games, Meditation, Philosophy
Punghee Full Stack Developer MMA, Music
Juan Product Designer Boxing, design systems and illustration
Amrit Chief Product Officer (CPO) Boxing, design systems, and illustration
Jackson Chief Technology Officer Empathetic, efficient, and all around excited!
Gosia Front-end Developer Traveller, language freak, latin music & bachata enthusiast