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Why Giving Is One of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Wellbeing can be defined in many ways, but broadly speaking, our life satisfaction and feelings which derive from the realisation of potential and our daily functioning, mark a global understanding of good mental wellbeing. 

In 2008 the NEF (New Economics Foundation) produced a document as a result of a mental capital and wellbeing project, which sets out 5 actions to improve everyone’s mental wellbeing through life. They are:

  • To Connect

  • To Be Active

  • To Take Notice

  • To Keep Learning 

  • To Give

As for the final point, volunteering is a great opportunity for people to give. It enriches our communities in so many ways, as well as contributing to our own personal growth. On average 1 in 5 people in employment volunteered in 2018.

The positive messages, that building our confidence and self esteem reinforces in ourselves, champions the concept of volunteering as a practical way of contributing to our communities.

Research shows that those with high self-esteem predominantly focus on growth and improvement rather than their counterparts who focus on making mistakes. Being in a volunteering setting where you can learn and develop both yourself and your skills also helps boasts the sense of achievement you feel, which again reinforces the high self-esteem many positive people feel.

Finally, volunteering is also a way of finding a sense of identity.  Whether it is by putting yourself in a new environment or exploring new interests or strengthening interests close to your heart, it really can generate a sense of place and togetherness. 8Billionminds echoes that. Made up of a team of more than 20 volunteers it is gratifying that we are all working with the ethos that, behind the global learning platform we are building, we believe in the strength of live learning and focusing on people’s growth and improvement above all else. 


Anna-Maria Amato

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