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5 Community Things to do for your Wellbeing

As Christmas approaches, we feel the need to reach out to people with the awareness that for many, Christmas can be quite an emotional and sad time.  Contributing to community is something which is good for your mental health any time of year for everyone.  We all need to connect and give to maintain a good sense of wellbeing.  Here are 5 things you can do this Christmas to connect with people:

  1. Volunteer.  It seems quite obvious. Give your time, your skills.  It will make you feel valuable and you will be because there is always someone who can benefit from what you have to offer.

  2. Share knowledge.  Have you ever wowed at someone telling you something you didn’t know?  How would you feel if you could do the same for someone else?  It can be a fact you came across, something you have committed time to learning or something someone has taught you.

  3. Start an interest group.  Do you have a hobby you would like to develop? There is most likely others with the same interest.  You can support each other with opportunities and sharing experiences.

  4. Do things in company.  It could be something mundane.  It could be something you need motivation to do, such as going for a jog.  It is great to get to know your neighbours this way.  Having geographically close friends makes home.

  5. Remember your existing friends and connections. It’s great to meet new people but it can be refreshing to renew or give existing friendships a boost.  You might introduce a new common interest or strengthen one you already have.

Whatever you do this holiday, whether you enjoy solitude or chose to connect, remember there is always scope to find someone who is in the same boat as you.