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Sharing Learning This Valentines Day

When you have dedicated time, energy and passion in learning a subject and exploring a concept full of endless possibilities, to also aid discovery for someone else is something really special.   

When Marie Curie first arrived in France she was Marie Sklodovska, and met Pierre Curie while she was a penniless student.  They shared their love for physics throughout their productive relationship, which led to them to winning the first of two Nobel Prizes that Marie Curie won.  Learning is great solo.  It’s great in a team, and it’s great with friends. Some of the greatest minds of our time, however, have teamed up with their romantic partners to learn and discover this wonderfully mysterious world we live in.  

Frida Kahlo’s relationship with Diego Rivera, a rollercoaster it may have been, surmounted the difficulties and endured time.  They inspired each other and supported each other’s creative pursuits. Frida said in one of her letters, ‘I’d like to paint you, but there are no colours, because there are so many, in my confusion, the tangible form of my great love.’
She explored their relationship and the pains of her life and love in her work, teaching not just Diego, but the world, her unique concept of beauty. 

What passions do you share with those around you?  What can you light up for them and what do they bring to light for you?

Anna-Maria Amato